We are here to get you the offer you’ve been waiting for!

Our market experts will talk you through the different selling options available and how each one caters to your specific needs and expectations.

Why work with us

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How we work

Get Offer

Simply enter your home address and complete a quick questionnaire to speak with a licensed real estate agent.

Determine Timeline

Our agents will help determine the value of your home and create a plan that works for you with no showings, no repairs, or clean-up involved. We make it as simple and stress-free as possible.

Sell Your Home

We provide an all cash offer and manage the closing to fit within your timeline, making the process of selling your home as seamless as possible.

What customers are saying

“I can't say enough positive things about Jared Hennessy. He is by far one of the savviest and most trustworthy people I've worked with in this industry. If I have a hard time locking up a deal, I call Jared and he will get it done one way or another. He is my go-to partner. He is professional, accommodating, and has a diehard work ethic that I appreciate so much.One of my favorite things about Jared is his ability to get Sellers to open up by connecting with them in a way that is real without losing sight of the end goal.”

-Tricia W

Seller's Agent

What customers are saying

-  C


What customers are saying

“Jared makes buying our next flip property so easy. He is always responsive and consistent.”

- Jason S


What customers are saying

“Way to go to Jared Hennessy. Always informative, persistent, and all of that with charms and wits. Woohoo!

- Marc D